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House of Code at the Immowelt Spirit festival in Nürnberg

House of Code employes went on Spirit Immowelt festival in Nürnberg, Germay.

Before the arrival of the coronavirus, Immowelt organized a joint gathering every year for all its employees, including the employees of the House of Code from Zagreb.
Traveling on the Zagreb-Nürnberg route was quite common until the moment when the whole world stopped because of the pandemic. After a long break without live meetings, social gatherings, and celebrations, which had been going on since the end of 2019, Immowelt again organized a party. And it was the great one.

Such informal get-togethers are a unique opportunity to meet other colleagues from the company. Most importantly, to meet those with whom we cooperate, and we did not have the opportunity to meet live.

The Spirit Immowelt festival is intended to bring together the entire company. So, the House of Code, which is also part of the Immowelt group, also went to Germany to attend the party.

A high-level organization

The Spirit Immowelt festival was held at the beautiful property, Gut Wolfgangshof, in Zirndorf near Nürnberg. This beautiful property was built in 1902 by Graf Alexander von Faber-Castell in an idyllic secluded location.

The entire organization was at a high level. Moreover, everything was planned down to the smallest detail, and all the employees had to do was come and have a good time. Various food and drinks were available all the time in unlimited quantities. A DJ and bands kept the atmosphere going, and in addition to being on the dance floor or at the table, guests could spend time at various workshops: from making flower wreaths to tasting beer.

A three-day teambuilding

The trip to Nürnberg was enriched with small excursions. On the way to Germany, the first significant stop was in Slovenia, on the beautiful Lake Bled.
This three-day trip of the House of code employees was not limited only to going directly to the Spirit Immovelt festival and back. So the House of Code team had enough time to rest and explore Nürnberg, where Immowelt’s headquarters are located.


House of Code in Nürnberg

Programmers, designers, and other employees were tourists and amateur photographers for a few days. So, in the gallery below you can see their experience of the festival.
Pictures speak a thousand words, so we bring a small piece of the atmosphere to the following gallery. And you will find more photos on our profiles on social networks Instagram or Facebook.