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First pandemic visit from Germany

The once quite common business trips of Immowelt’s teams on the Nürnberg-Zagreb route have been reduced to zero since the beginning of the pandemic. After almost two years, one of Immowelt’s “envoys” finally visited the House of Code.

Artem Linden, Product Owner of one of the teams in House of Code, arrived in Zagreb on November 7, 2021, where he stayed for a few days. Artem came to finally meet colleagues from his team with whom he has so far communicated exclusively via video call. He said that it was of great importance for him to meet the team in person and observe how the team works and cooperates.

People best connect in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, so in addition to the in-office meetings, the whole team
had the opportunity to hang out outside of working hours. The team also met for dinner at one of Zagreb’s traditional restaurants.

Artem also had the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful parts of Zagreb, the Old Town. His guide was our colleague Ivan Radić – who already has experience as a “tourist guide” for Immowelt employees for Zagreb tours.

Since the pandemic started most meetings are handled exclusively online via video call. Therefore none of our colleagues from Germany have been coming to Zagreb since the spring of last year. This negative new normal trend was finally broken by Artem Linden.

Although Artem’s visit did not include large business meetings or crucial conversations on formal topics, his arrival was still of great importance because he achieved his goal to get to know the people with whom he works and communicates every day. This event certainly has a positive effect on the development of future cooperation, contributes to better building mutual relations, and raises communication to a higher level.