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What do we offer?

Learn about our motivation behind what we offer to our employees.

#1 Education & professional improvement

We genuinely believe in lifelong learning and self-improvement, and we strive to encourage the development of each employee and constantly invest in their progress. Therefore, if you are eager to learn, we are ready to support you in your professional growth.

At House of Code, we provide our employees with access to several learning platforms and an educational budget for each employee for certification in fields related to their role. We also support foreign language courses and are always ready to reward self-growing individuals.


#2 Hybrid work

In the face of new work environment challenges, we realized that giving employees the freedom to structure their work style manifested positive improvements in their well-being. We believe that seeing each other and spending time together in the office is substantial, but we also realized how easier it gets when you have the power to structure your week and choose which days you would do so. We enable you to combine work from the office 2 days a week (or more, if preferred) and 3 days from home or any other location. We intend to keep this schedule in the long-term run.

#3 Support in staying healthy

At House of Code, you can use a 100% sponsored MultiSport card which gives you access to 450+ options for staying active, join our regular basketball appointments, and keep track of your actively crossed (kilo)meters with us.

We reward our employees for doing sports, always support them in having a good stretch, and we are providing them with an in-house style of relaxation in our chill room (such as PlayStation, table football, and darts).


#4 Breakfast & Coffee

It is well-known that the best way to start a good day is with a quality breakfast, as well as how important it is to enrich your pauses with quality snacks, and our employees have an excellent choice: pastries, cereals, fresh fruits, juices, yogurts, and even protein drinks for our fitness-enthusiastic colleagues.

We also have freshly made juice whenever our juice-master is in the mood for crafting.

It is also well-known that while breakfast is the healthiest way to start a day, coffee is viewed as an essential one to get started and keep going, so we have a never-ending supply of several coffee options. 


#5 Free parking lots

Since finding the parking spot right next to your destination became almost an urban legend in the City of Zagreb, we know how important this might be to you. To save our employees from additional stress and enable them to come to work efficiently, we are providing parking lots for all our employees in the enclosed garage area of our office.

#6 Events

We love to celebrate our birthdays with gatherings (and cakes), get together for a joint lunch or a coffee break, educate each other about our line of work, and several times a year, we have team buildings where we engage in more group activities.

We also enjoy celebrating festivities and decorating our office accordingly. Even while it is always optional to participate in decoration activities, it is always full of volunteers who pay attention to detail.


#7 Voice in decisions related to themselves

As said before, we expect all our colleagues to voice their opinions and professional goals. You are free to choose projects on which you will work and the direction in which you will grow.

We function in a flat structure in which you will be in direct contact with management and will have support from colleagues well versed in their area of expertise.

Our teams are personally responsible for the choice of technologies with which they work and for the distribution of workload between team members.

We encourage our employees to participate in the selection process, not only by recommending the candidates but also by attending the interviews. Do not be alerted since these activities are not mandatory, and the level of your involvement will depend on your wishes and the proximity of your positions.


#8 International work experience

House of Code is a part of the Immowelt group, a large European publishing company based in Nürnberg, Germany.

Our employees travel to Germany and go to central offices to meet and work with the Immowelt teams with which they will closely cooperate, and we also host our German colleagues’ visits.

While most of the educations and meetings are nowadays carried out online, in usual times, we support our employees in attending international conferences.


#9 Security and growth

It is essential to us that our employees feel the security and trust that we as employers can provide them, so we offer them indefinite contracts. Our teams work almost exclusively for our partners, and our responsibilities in projects are clear and well-structured. We keep them that way by providing an agile environment in which we eradicated overtime work for our employees. It is important to us to keep the work-life balance and that we all have enough time to prosper in cherishing our friends and families, hobbies, and need for rest. We cover the daycare expenses for our employees’ children and gift us all days off for festivities such as Christmas Eve.

We also like to try out new projects and get out of our comfort zone, so we engage in novelty assignments corresponding to our interests. It is crucial to do what you love, with technologies you are comfortable with, and let yourself improve every day.

And while we offer security, we insist on growth in quality and want you to grow with us. We expect you to take accountability for your responsibilities, speak out clearly and directly about your ideas and expectations, and keep up with the ever-changing technologies.

We treat everyone fairly and with respect and demand that you do the same.


#10 Rewards

In addition to regular monthly income, we also provide our employees with extra monetary gifts for occasions such as Christmas, Easter, childbirth, and weddings.

Money rewards 

  • We reward educational successes and sports results.
  • We reward our employees’ work results and have a yearly evaluation of their achievements and positions, which we reward and improve accordingly.

There is also the Employee of the month award voted by the employees. In addition to the money gift, it also includes the satisfaction of getting recognition for your efforts.


#11 Sea-view programming

Sea-view programming is one of the new benefits we offer to our House of Code employees.
The office with a sea view is what many employees who work far from the coast dream of, and our employees are now able to work in an office like that.
Whenever they decide to replace the hot Zagreb asphalt with a pleasant climate, the smell of pine trees and the view of the sea, our developers can switch to work from our new office in Umag.
At the same location, they are provided with accommodation in a modern apartment, as well as parking. After a working day, employees can enjoy the beautiful beach just a few meters away, and during the lunch break they can cool off in the swimming pool located within the building.